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Health and Safety Services

Talent consultancy we help a wide range of organizations with all aspects of their health and safety management.

Implementation of health and safety management system

Tìm kết quả xổ sốThe benefits of an OHSAS 18001 management system include:

  •    A framework for compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Reduced likelihood of personal injury to employees
  •    Increased productivity
  •    A better profile with investment and insurance bodies
  •    An improved corporate image


We will guide you through any or all parts of the implementation process, including:

  •    Carrying out gap analysis to health and safety management standards
  •    Preparing health and safety documentation, including procedures, safety statements and policies
  •    Developing health and safety objectives, targets and management programmes
  •    Drafting and interpreting registers of Irish and EU legislation
  •    Conducting risk assessments
  •    Delivering training and awareness programmes
  •    Carrying out pre-assessment audits
  •    Implementing monitoring programmes
  •    Providing ongoing compliance


Development of Health and Safety Documentation

We also assist our clients in drafting any health and safety documentation, including:

  •    OH&S Policy
  •    Risk assessment reports
  •    H&S manual
  •    H&S Procedures manual
  • Safety statement

Audits are a key tool in the certification process and ongoing management of health and safety. Our highly skilled and experienced auditors carry out pre-assessment audits for clients in advance of audits by certification bodies.

Tìm kết quả xổ sốWe also assist organizations that do not have the internal resources or expertise to carry out their own audits and we help them to meet the internal health and safety audit requirements of OHSAS 18001.

Talent consultancy develops and delivers various health and safety training programmes customized to our clients’ needs. These range from auditor training and various OHSAS 18001-related training courses to safety awareness programmes and specialist training in manual handling, chemical risk assessments, confined spaces etc.