Talent Company supervises -through an integrated & professional team-the implantation of the following:

First stage:

  • The right selection of the project.
  • Pre-feasibility study of the project.
  • Obtaining the industrial and environmental licenses
  • Apply to the authorities to get the land needed for the project

Second stage:

  • Designing the Layout of machinery and the flow chart of the production process.
  • The feasibility study to get the required finance.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the construction consultant to develop plans of the buildings needed for the project.
  • Supervise and coordinate with the contractor and follow up the implementation process.

Third stage:

  • Make an agreement with the machinery and equipment supplier
  • Make an agreement with raw materials suppliers.
  • Inspect the machinery and equipment at the manufacturer’s site and receive the production line at the client site.
  • Assembling machinery by Engineers and technicians of the supplier.
  • Training the production and maintenance staff by the manufacturer.
  • Soft operation.
  • supervise operating process for commercial production.
  • Project delivery and document related to it, such as catalogues and certificates of guarantee schemes

Through a team of specialized experts, talent establishes an integrated management system:

  • Organization structure
  • Job description
  • Skills matrix
  • Select the best employees for each job
  • Establishing standard operating procedures and policies
  • Internal auditing for the continuous improvement
  • Issuing the corrective and preventive actions
  • Establishing total quality management (TQM) for the organization
  • Establishing quality assurance programs (QA)
  • Establishing customer satisfaction procedures

TALENT brings knowhow and industrial technology for the clients:

  • Searching for the best suppliers of the technology in the required field
  • Selecting the best supplier of the required technology
  • Establishing the agreement parameters of the percentage and royalty
  • Establishing the program of technology development and transfer
  • Running the industrial operations